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RSN Game Day Benefits

Red Sox Nation citizens holding a valid game ticket should be sure to take advantage of their game day citizenship benefits:


Exclusive Early Entry to watch Red Sox Batting Practice from atop the Green Monster

watch batting practice from the green monsterRed Sox Nation members with a valid game ticket and Red Sox Nation membership card are eligible to watch batting practice from the Green Monster seats before any 2012 regular season home game. One guest with a valid game ticket may accompany. To participate, members must arrive at Gate C, The Nation's Way, two and a half hours before game time.* When Fenway Park gates open members and guests must leave the viewing area and return to the concourse or find their seats. This is a first-come, first-served opportunity with a limited capacity for each game.

Batting practice takes place at the sole discretion of team personnel and may be canceled without notice. If batting practice is canceled, members and guests may still enter the park early to visit the Green Monster, weather permitting. There will be no re-entry to the park; patrons must remain in the park after batting practice. Park access prior to gates opening is subject to management's discretion and may be canceled without notice. In certain cases, patrons may be directed to an alternate viewing area. Members may present a printed copy of their Red Sox Nation purchase order confirmation email as proof of membership along with a photo ID.

* Please use the following table when planning your visit:

gate information for rsn citizens - Friday, Saturday and Sunday games
Friday, Saturday and Sunday games
Game time Gates open to public Form line Enter park Return to concourse
8:05 p.m.6:05 p.m.5:05 p.m.5:35 p.m.6:05 p.m.
7:10 p.m.5:10 p.m.4:10 p.m.4:40 p.m.5:10 p.m.
4:10 p.m.2:10 p.m.1:10 p.m. 1:40 p.m.2:10 p.m.
3:05 p.m.1:10 p.m.12:10 p.m. 12:40 p.m.1:10 p.m.
2:05 p.m.12:05 p.m.11:05 a.m. 11:35 a.m.12:05 p.m.
1:35 p.m.11:35 p.m.10:35 a.m. 11:05 a.m.11:35 a.m.
1:10 p.m.11:10 a.m.10:10 a.m. 10:40 a.m.11:10 a.m.
11:05 a.m.9:05 a.m.8:05 a.m.8:35 a.m.9:05 a.m.
gate information for rsn citizens - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday games
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday games
Game time Gates open to public Form line Enter park Return to concourse
8:05 p.m.6:35 p.m.5:05 p.m.5:35 p.m.6:35 p.m.
7:10 p.m.5:40 p.m.4:10 p.m.4:40 p.m.5:40 p.m.
4:10 p.m.2:40 p.m.1:10 p.m.1:40 p.m.2:40 p.m.
3:10 p.m.1:40 p.m.12:10 p.m.12:40 p.m.1:40 p.m.
2:05 p.m.12:35 p.m.11:05 a.m.11:35 a.m.12:35 p.m.
1:35 p.m.12:05 p.m.10:35 a.m.11:05 a.m.12:05 p.m.
1:10 p.m.11:40 a.m.10:10 a.m.10:40 a.m.11:40 a.m.
11:05 a.m.9:35 a.m.8:05 a.m.8:35 a.m.9:35 a.m.

Card Scanning at Every Gate

Even if you can't make it in time to get in early via Gate C to watch Red Sox batting practice, be sure to get your Red Sox Nation membership card scanned when you enter Fenway Park. This season, you may get your membership card scanned at every entrance gate (Gates A, B, C, D and E).

Scan your RSN card to be eligible for a potential Seat Upgrade** and Gameday Prize Giveaway! Check the centerfield video board for your name at the middle of the 4th inning to see if you're a winner!

You may collect both the seat upgrade and prize at the RSN booth located on the Big Concourse near Gate B.

Note: If you do not have your 2012 RSN membership card and wish to enter these drawings, then you may visit an RSN booth at Gate A or B to show your valid ID and 2012 temporary card or printed copy of the 2012 RSN purchase order confirmation e-mail.

** Seat upgrades are only available for select games.

Save 10% at Red Sox Team Store

Red Sox Nation members and Kid Nation members who show a valid 2012 Red Sox Nation membership card, 2012 Kid Nation membership card, 2012 Red Sox Nation temporary card or printed copy of the 2012 Red Sox Nation or 2012 Kid Nation purchase order confirmation email with a valid ID at the time of purchase will receive a 10% discount on eligible purchases through 12/31/12 at the official Red Sox Team Store located at 19 Yawkey Way. Red Sox Nation and Kid Nation discounts are not valid for memorabilia or game-used items, sale items, commemorative items (including, but not limited to, Fenway 100 merchandise) and are subject to any other restrictions that may be imposed from time to time by the Red Sox or the Red Sox Team Store and disclosed in the members-only section on No discounts are given on merchandise commemorating any Red Sox Postseason appearances or victories. 2012 members can take 10% off a single order at the Online Shop; log in to the members-only section for details.