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BID Injury Report

The Importance of Stretching




Over the course of two weeks from June to July, the Red Sox saw seven starters land on the injury report. Issues ranged from left fielder Chris Young's strained right hamstring to relief pitcher Junichi Tazawa's right should discomfort — plus tendinitis, sprains and a contusion mixed in, too. And while it's never a good time for the injury bug to bite, at least the Sox have a winning record and the All-Star break as an opportunity to rest and recover. But as Julie Ruane, Nurse Practitioner in the Division of Sports Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, says: "Now's the perfect time to get back to the basics, and that starts with stretching."

So why's it so important to stretch? "Stretching plays a vital role in maintaining physical health," says Ruane. "A stretching regimen should be incorporated into every individual's routine."

Ruane explained that there's a persistent misconception of stretching as an add-on to exercise…

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