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New York Yankees announce 2009 postseason pricing
08/31/2009 7:20 PM ET
The Yankees today announced 2009 postseason ticket pricing for potential games at Yankee Stadium in the American League Division Series, American League Championship Series and World Series. Prices for the vast majority of postseason tickets are less than those that were charged by the Yankees for equivalent seating in the 2007 postseason at the original Yankee Stadium.

"As we have done every year since 2004 and as we expect to do in the future, the Yankees will provide their loyal season-ticket licensees the first opportunity to purchase postseason tickets," said Chief Operating Officer Lonn Trost.

Regular season ticket prices for full-season ticket licensees (non-Suites) will be replicated for the 2009 American League Division Series (i.e., a Main Level ticket that costs a full-season ticket licensee $60 in the 2009 regular season will cost the same licensee $60 for the ALDS), however, full-season ticket licensees (non-Suites) of $325 Field Level seats may purchase their seats for the ALDS at the lower price of $275 each.

For full-season ticket licensees (non-Suite), prices will range from $5-$275 per ticket for the ALDS, $10-$350 per ticket for the ALCS, and $50-$425 per ticket for the World Series.

Full-season Suite licensees in the Legends Suite, Delta Sky360° Suite and Jim Beam Suite, have all already paid their Suite license fees. Accordingly, they will only be required to purchase their Suite tickets, which will range from $65-$275 per Suite ticket for the ALDS, $115-$350 per Suite ticket for the ALCS, and $150-$425 per Suite ticket for the World Series. As with the regular season, Legends Suite licensees will also be required to pay a per-game food and beverage fee, but not a Suite license fee.

All ticket purchasers must also pay a Major League Baseball-sanctioned handling fee, which ranges in price from $1 for each ALDS ticket priced at $5 to a maximum of $6 for each ALDS ticket priced at $40 or more. The handling fee for each ticket will be set based upon ALDS ticket pricing and remain the same for all subsequent postseason rounds, regardless of the ticket price.

Please note that the quantity of postseason tickets available to those who are not 2009 season ticket licensees will be limited and vary for each postseason round. Yankee Stadium has a seating capacity of 50,235, excluding standing room. For each postseason game, the first opportunity to purchase tickets is provided to current season-ticket licensees, which represent in excess of 37,000 full-season equivalent ticket licenses. Major League Baseball directs clubs to dedicate approximately 3,000 tickets per game for players of the participating clubs and to accommodate the media. In addition, Major League Baseball requires approximately 5,500 tickets per ALDS game, 7,000 tickets per ALCS game and 9,500 tickets per World Series game.

Subject to availability, non-Suite tickets for public sale will range from $5-$375 per ticket for the ALDS, $10-$400 per ticket for the ALCS, and $50-$425 per ticket for the World Series, and in all cases the handling fee will be added. The date of any public on-sale has not been determined at this time.

A grid reflecting non-Suite postseason ticket prices for current season-ticket licensees and those participating in any public sale is attached below. For information as it becomes available, please visit

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