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Dodger Stadium Upgrades

Dodger Stadium continues to undergo enhancements in 2016. The changes are designed to touch and positively impact every visitor to Dodger Stadium.

  • Dodger Stadium Amenities

    2015-2016 Upgrades and Amenities include:

    • More standing room tables and stools were added to the top of the park, accessible to all fans, to give all a chance to take in picturesque Dodger Stadium.
    • More memorabilia is now on display throughout Dodger Stadium, including added exhibits on the top deck, in the Press Box gallery on the club level and on the field level at the entries near the right and left-field bullpen bars and at the baseline clubs.
    • Several upgrades to the electrical infrastructure throughout Dodger Stadium were also made which increases lighting throughout the stadium, exterior stairs and pedestrian improvements to guide fans safely through the parking lots and along the routes fans take when they use the Dodger Stadium Express.
    • The Emirates Lounge is a newly designed space for accommodating larger groups of 30-70 guests.

    2014-2015 Upgrades and Amenities include:

    • Concession stands continue to be upgraded, with the focus this season being on the reserve level.
    • Displays honoring the Dodgers rich history in Los Angeles are being added as part of an expanded daily tour program.
    • Artwork and memorabilia is being installed in the Dugout Club, which also is undergoing a renovation.
    • A new Dodger Express bus stop has been added in Lot P.


    2013-2014 Upgrades and Amenities include:

    • Expansion of the entries at the Field level, enabling all fans with Pavilion, Dugout, Field, Loge and Club tickets to enter the convenient entrances on the north side of the stadium. These new entries will also house new team stores and concessions and memorabilia to celebrate the team history, including its famous seasons in Brooklyn, NY, as well as its five-plus decades in Los Angeles.
    • Seating and lounging areas at bars and drink rails overlooking the bullpens in the outfield, giving focus to pitchers warming up as well as infield game views.
    • New food services with outdoor grills and specialty fare such as Tommy Lasorda's Italian and hot-off-the-grill BBQ, areas where the Hall of Fame manager and other former players will spend time with fans.
    • An expansion of the popular Reserve Level "La Taqueria" stand near the kids play area at the left field Reserve entry.
    • Relocating the visiting team clubhouse to an area near the visiting team dugout at field level so that all visiting team areas are in a single new area adjacent to the batting tunnel, conditioning room and training area built in newly created space in 2013.
    • Continuing work on the upgrade of the electrical infrastructure that supports the 1962 stadium. In 2013, significant new equipment and substations were installed in coordination with LADWP. Work will continue this offseason to connect to the new equipment to improve safety and provide the best technology available for fans.
    • Enhancement of the ballpark's landscaping. All 33 trees in the outfield area have been replanted on site and the Dodgers, the only team in baseball with a full-time arborist, will have three times as many trees in the outfield by April as before. The display of the famed "Three Sisters" behind the left-field bullpen will remain.
  • Going Green

    As part of the upgrades, the Dodgers are going green, instituting many measures toward being energy efficient. Included in the construction was installation of new water valves, low-flush fixtures, waterless urinals, hand-driers to eliminate paper waste, automatic faucets to control water flow and new power and lighting energy-efficient systems.

  • Fan Services

    The team added fan services representatives on all levels as part of its commitment to providing the best customer service in sports.

  • Memorabilia

    Many of the Dodgers' historical items will be displayed for the first time. Fans will be able to enjoy Dodger memorabilia and artifacts such as MVP awards, Cy Young awards and Gold Gloves awarded to Dodgers. Some items are on display during games and others will be available during day tours of the stadium:

  • More Information

    Video and Ribbon Boards

    New High Definition video boards in left field and right field are the first 10mm 1080p light emitting diode (LED) displays in MLB. While the new scoreboard structures are 22 percent larger, the active viewing area of both video boards is 66 percent larger than before. Existing message boards, including ribbon boards at the Loge level and outfield wall, were replaced with the new technology as well. The unique hexagon shape of both scoreboards has been restored.

    Sound System

    A new sound system directed to each seating section will minimize echoes and sound migration outside the stadium and will provide for a much more enjoyable audio experience for fans as they listen to live and recorded music and announcements before, during and after games.


    A state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network and cellular antenna system to support cell-phone and internet connectivity from mobile devices will enhance the ability of fans and media covering games at Dodger Stadium to communicate. The project was part of a partnership with Major League Baseball Advanced Media and is expected to be completed by June. An entirely new electrical power grid with seven new substations was added to support these technologies.