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Safety Tips

  • Tips for Drivers

    • The speed limit inside Dodger Stadium grounds is 14 mph. Please adhere to the Dodger Stadium speed limit.
    • Please drive responsibly. This means do not speed excessively through the parking lots, look out for pedestrians crossing the road. You can't always count on pedestrians to cross in the designated walkways, so keep your eyes open at all times. Parking lots are lit at night, but you should still watch carefully for pedestrians.
    • Please pay attention to traffic signals and traffic safety personnel. They are there for your safety, so please follow procedures when driving through the lots.
    • Look for pedestrians when entering and exiting your parking spot. Make sure you look around on all sides of the car before moving your car when exiting.
  • Tips for Pedestrians

    • Always look for cars. Drivers are supposed to obey the rules and watch for people walking. But you cannot count on them to always remember.
    • Parents should hold the hands of small children, particularly when crossing through the designated walkways.
    • Only walk in the designated walkways.
    • Choose the safest routes to walk with the fewest and safest streets to cross. Avoid crossing busy or high-speed roads whenever possible.
    • Walk along the street safely. This means:
      • Walk as far from the cars as possible and face traffic.
      • Watch for cars turning or pulling in and out of parking lots.
    • Cross at designated walkways whenever possible.
      • Obey traffic signs and signals.
      • Wait until no traffic is coming and begin crossing.
      • Remember that just because it is your turn to cross does not mean that it is safe to cross. Do not trust that cars will obey the rules or that turning cars will see you.
      • Look for yourself to see if cars are coming. Look around you for turning cars.
      • Walk, don't run across the walkways.
      • Keep looking for traffic until you have finished crossing
    • If you must cross between parked cars:
      • Stop and check to see if the cars are running or if anyone is in the driver seat.
      • If safe, cross to the edge of the parked cars, and look left, right and left again before crossing.