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Heart of Twins Territory

Target Field® - The First Professional Sports Facility to Receive LEED® Silver Certification for Both Construction and Operations

Go Twins Go Green
Target Field - The Greenest Ballpark in America

In 2010, the U.S. Green Building Council awarded Target Field LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver Certification for New Construction, making it the second Major League ballpark in the United States to achieve that status. Less than 2 years after earning LEED Silver certification for New Construction, the Minnesota Twins became the first professional sports franchise to also attain LEED Silver Certification for the Operation and Maintenance of their facility.

Twins Sustainability Statement

The Minnesota Twins organization believes our future success-both on and off the field-is built on a business model that embraces operational efficiency, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. We honor the power of sport by leading through example, and we will continue to use sport to inspire, build the best fan experience and cause no unnecessary harm, working with our fans, community, suppliers, partners and employees to have a positive influence in the world.

Recycling and Converting Waste to Energy

Through aggressive recycling and waste-to-energy programs, the Twins have kept more than 5,419 tons of waste out of local landfills from 2011 to 2014.

  • 2,092 tons of trash have been sent to the Hennepin Energy Recovery Center
  • 2,314 tons of waste have been recycled from Target Field
  • 1,013 tons of organic materials have been composted and diverted from landfills

In 2015, the Twins will seek help from fans in increasing the amount of recycled organic materials, further reducing the amount of waste produced at Target Field.

Donating Unused Food to Local Charities

The Minnesota Twins and concession partner Delaware North Companies Sportservice donated more than ten tons of food to local charities each season.. Through a partnership with Rock and Wrap It Up! Inc., representatives from JosephÂ’s Storehouse in Brooklyn Park boxed up all prepared but untouched meals at Target Field, donating the unused food from Target Field to local charities. Throughout the partnership, the Twins have donated:

  • 142,836 hot dogs and brats
  • 21,186 hamburgers
  • 9,867 chicken breasts

To date, these efforts have kept more than 25 TONS of waste out of local landfills.

Capturing and Reusing Rainwater

Through a custom-designed Rain Water Recycle System provided by Minneapolis-based Pentair, the Minnesota Twins have captured, purified and reused more than 4,301,748 total gallons of rainwater, drastically reducing the use of municipal water at Target Field. The majority of the recycled rainwater was used to wash down the seating bowl attached to the main concourse.

The inventive system is a massive success, reducing Target Field's need for municipal water by over 50 percent. Pentair's expertise was also pivotal in helping to achieve the team's goal as the U.S. Green Building Council awarded Target Field with LEED Silver certification.

As the Official Sustainable Water Provider of the Minnesota Twins, Pentair has helped the team find other opportunities to conserve water throughout the stadium. All of the suites and concessions have tap filtration systems, replacing bottled water with refreshing filtered and chilled water.

To learn more, visit the Wall of Water, located at Target Field in section 130 or visit