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1217Murton, LukeGeorgia Tech1BR/R6'04"2301986-05-21SO
1269Raber, ChristopherCoastal Carolina U1BL/R6'03"2251985-06-03SR
934Carrara, ChristopherWinthrop U2BR/R5'10"1801985-05-11SR
664Snyder, JustinU San Diego2BL/R5'09"1901986-04-08JR
244Sublett, DamonWichita St U2BL/R6'01"1901985-09-22JR400K
844Laird, BrandonCypress Col3BR/R6'01"2051987-09-11J2
454Pruitt, WilliamStetson U3BL/R6'02"1901985-03-23SR
154Suttle, BradleyU Texas Austin3BS/R6'02"2151986-01-24SO400K
Comments: Playing for a major program, Suttle certainly got plenty of looks this year. He can do some nice things with the bat, but doesn't project much power and doesn't run well. Defensively, he's OK at best. As a draft-eligible sophomore, he does have the leverage of coming back for his junior year at Texas. Right now, though, he looks more like a backup or platoon-type player.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1453Day, LawrenceU ConnecticutCR/R6'01"2051985-03-22SR
94Romine, AustinEl Toro HSCR/R6'01"1951988-11-22HS400K
Comments: Romine hasn't always played scout league ball, limiting how often he's been seen outside of the regular season. Though he's been tough to evaluate in the past because of an ever-changing offensive approach, he's settled in and has shown good hitting potential to go along with a strong throwing arm. The only question is if Kevin's son will go pro or follow his brother's path and head to ASU.
Enhanced Scouting Report
214Weems, RichardColumbus HSCL/R6'02"1701989-01-17HS400K
814Gattis, GaryYavapai ColCFR/R6'00"1901985-03-27J2
274Grote, TaylorThe Woodlands HSCFL/R6'02"1951988-12-05HS400K
1163Komatsu, ErikOxnard ColCFL/L5'10"1901987-10-01J2
304Krum, AustinDallas Baptist UCFL/L5'09"1751986-01-19JR400K
724Morris, MatthewUC IrvineCFR/R6'01"1801985-02-10SR
364Howes, IsaiahU LouisvilleLFR/R6'02"2101984-09-28SR
1191Thames, EricPepperdine ULFL/R6'01"1971986-11-10JR
1321Herriage, TylerWeatherford ColLHPL/L6'01"2001987-05-06J1
1432Toves, KennethCarlsbad HSLHPR/L6'03"1801989-07-31HS
604Holiday, TaylorUC IrvineOFR/R5'11"1901984-04-21JR
1390Arnold, ColinDaytona Beach CCRFL/L6'02"1851987-08-16J2
1135Strausbaugh, StevenWestern Carolina URFR/R5'09"2001985-11-04JR
484Williams, DavidRutgers U New BrunswickRFR/R6'03"2151984-08-155S
394Barreda, ManuelSahuarita HSRHPR/R5'11"1651988-10-08HS
1411Bittle, JosephU MississippiRHPR/R6'02"1851986-08-27JR
30Brackman, AndrewNorth Carolina St URHPR/R6'11" 1985-12-04JR400K
Comments: The concern with Brackman heading into his first full season as a baseball player only was how durable he would be. The former basketball standout had never spent an entire college season as a starting pitcher and he ended up being shut down with a tired arm late in the year. Still, the pure stuff, including a 97-mph fastball when he's 100 percent, intrigues many scouts and despite the inconsistent year, he's still in the first-round fray as more of a college project than an advanced arm.
Enhanced Scouting Report
574Carpenter, ChristopherKent St URHPR/R6'04"2151985-12-26JR400K
Comments: Carpenter has a big arm with a plus fastball and a slider that is often above-average as well. That two-pitch mix will be enough for him to perhaps be a setup guy at the next level rather than a starter. His health is a concern (Tommy John surgery in 2005) and might scare some people off, another reason why perhaps a bullpen role would be a good choice.
Enhanced Scouting Report
424Chigges, NicholasCol of CharlestonRHPR/R6'00"1951984-09-23SR
1295Chowning, JasonTexarkana CCRHPR/R6'04"1801987-10-17J1
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