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Alex Wilson (Photo: Texas A&M)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Alex Wilson
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:Texas A&M University
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:205 lbs.
Report Date:02/28/09

Focus Area
Fastball:Wilson threw his fastball in the 91-95 mph range throughout his start. It sat at 94 comfortably.
Fastball movement:A heavy ball with good riding life.
Slider:A plus offering, 82-85 mph, that puts hitters away. He threw it for strikes, getting swings and misses, and can bury it when needed.
Curve:He didn't use it much, but it was a solid-average, 80-81 mph slurvy-type pitch. He drops his arm slot, purposefully, for that look.
Changeup:He didn't show it much. His other pitches were working so well that he didn't need it.
Control:He threw strikes and had good command of all his pitches.
Poise:He goes right after hitters and is not afraid to pitch inside. A tough competitor, he leaves it all on the mound.
Physical Description:Wilson is six feet tall with a broad, thick and mature build.
Medical Update:He's coming off of Tommy John surgery after red-shirting the 2008 season.
Strengths:Plus pitches across the board and an idea of how to use them. He shows good command of all his offerings and is a real bulldog on the mound.
Weaknesses:His three-quarter slot, his size and his durability. There's some effort to his delivery, which might concern some, but he does seem to be able to maintain his stuff throughout a start.
Summary:Wilson red-shirted in 2008, his first season at A&M after coming over from Winthrop, following Tommy John surgery. If early starts were any indication, he seemed to be all the way back with an array of above-average pitches. He goes right after hitters and while he's a little maximum-effort with his delivery, he maintains it deep into starts. He's the kind of college starter who could sneak up on people come Draft time.