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Yankees Beat the Streak
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How to Play Beat the Streak

1) Your mission is to put together the longest hitting streak.

2) Pick one Yankees player every day. Get a hit, your streak continues. Get no hits, your streak ends and you may begin a new one.

3) In each month (June-Sept), the participant with the longest hitting streak (greater than 15) will win one LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.

4) Be the first to get a hit in 27 games (breaking Babe Ruth's top hitting streak) and win an authentic Yankees jersey.

Selecting Your Player

Each day on which a Yankees game is played, you will have the opportunity to select one (1) player from a list displayed on You can select any player from that list. You can also make selections for up to seven days in the future.

Player Selection Deadline

The deadline for selecting your player each day is five (5) minutes prior to the start of the New York Yankees game being played on that day. If you fail to pick a player on any day, your streak will start over at zero. You can enter the game at any point during the 2006 MLB regular season.


Scoring in Beat The Streak is simple. Your score is measured by the number of consecutive days the player(s) you select are credited with a hit during the 2006 MLB regular season.

If you select a player who does not get a hit during the day for which you selected him, your streak ends and you are free to start a new streak at zero.

If a player you select does not play during the day for which you selected him for any reason, your streak will NOT end and will continue. A hitting streak will also NOT end if all the selected player's plate appearances (one or more) result in a base on balls, hit batsman, defensive interference or a sacrifice bunt. A hitting streak will end if the player has a sacrifice fly and no hit.

Your streak will remain intact in the event of a cancelled or postponed game.

In the event that a player you select plays in a double-header, your streak will continue as long as the player gets at least one hit in either of the two games.