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10/05/05 12:45 AM ET

Cano postgame interview

Rookie talks about his offensive performance

Were you particularly conscious of trying to hit the ball the other way against Colon in the first inning?

ROBINSON CANO: No, I was just trying to hit anything close to the plate. I wanted to take my chance and I wanted to swing at anything close.

Any special feelings hitting against Colon, was he a guy you looked up to coming out of the Dominican?

CANO: Well, no, you know, I faced him last time. I saw him a little bit, so you know what kind of pitcher he is and what he likes to pitch. I know he throws a fastball, and for the first time, I just said I'm going to look for the fastball and that's what I was looking for.

After you hit the ball, did you think it was going to go over Anderson's head?

CANO: As soon as I hit it, I was, "go over, go over," I just see it wasn't over his head. When I saw he went to pick up the ball, I just started running, just trying to get to second base.

You've hit the ball well on the road this year, best batting average in the League on the American road; do you like to travel?

CANO: Well, I don't know. I've been doing the same thing at home that I'm doing away. I do the same thing every day, and get early to the stadium.

Not nervous, it's exciting.

The way you've handled everything this year, kind of in stride and you have not been wowed by being in the Major Leagues; and your first post season at bat, did you have any thoughts in the way up to the batter's box that this is an incredible moment, your first time?

CANO: Well, I just say, oh, God, this at bat is my first one, and we've got to take a lead. We're playing away and if you can help me, I can get a hit in this at bat right here. If we can get two runs, that's going to be great.

Do you think your power to the opposite field may have surprised Garrett a little bit?

CANO: No, since I was a little kid, I used to hit the ball left field. That's something I've been working the whole year here in the big leagues, and then, you know, to use the whole field.

Molina's ball in the ninth inning, were you caught not thinking about a double play or what happened on that one?

CANO: I was trying to get at first I was thinking a base, because he's on the right side, and I've got to turn around and see if he makes a throw to the left. I don't want to be out of the base, and, you know, just made one short.

You and Wang played in the Minor Leagues together, I know that you guys thought about what it could be like some day, you guys have gone through a whole year together, but now you're in the spotlight and you have a big hit tonight and he's starting tomorrow. What does that feel like with somebody that you play with when you're younger?

CANO: Well, maybe, you know, I feel happy for him because I know from the first time that I saw him pitching in the Minor League that he has some good stuff and he's going to pitch one day in the big league. He's going to pitch in the second game tomorrow, and I just want to come in tomorrow and him to throw seven good innings and help the team.

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