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10/07/05 6:58 PM ET

Jeter pregame interview

Shortstop talks about the series prior to Game 3

Looking at the lineup tonight, Tino is back in there, can you talk about what his post season experience means to your lineup at this point in time?

DEREK JETER: Well, Tino, you know, obviously he's been here for a long time, and he's been in every situation and seen every situation. I think when you have someone that has played under those conditions, you pretty much know what to expect. It doesn't mean you're going to be successful or not successful but you know how he's going to respond in the situation.

Fortunately for us he's responded well in the past and we expect big things from him, it doesn't necessarily have to be stats or numbers or anything like that but just going out there and being calm in those kind of situations, those kind of circumstances.

When Bernie played his last regular season game here, there was some uncertainty because of your standing about whether he would get another shot?

JETER: I'm like a prophet now, right?

Do you think it means something to him to get another shot to play here in the post season?

JETER: Well, yeah, because it shows that our season is not over with.

You know, I don't think Bernie even when we were here last time, he wasn't playing it as though it was his last game at Yankee Stadium. You can't have that approach. It was a little bit different when O'Neill was here because O'Neill had said he was going to retire and that was going to be the last game in Yankee Stadium for that season. For Bernie he never said he was going to retire and never said it was going to be the end. We hope we have a lot more games here at Yankee Stadium. So I don't think he's taking that approach and I don't think anyone else is.

How would you characterize how the game of baseball is different in the post season, is there more small ball, is that more important because the games are a little closer, seems a little more conservative because there's more at risk, how do you see the difference being?

JETER: I think people pay more attention to every single out, where in the regular season, I think sometimes managers may let pitchers go a little bit further than they will in the post season. There's more attention to moving guys over, getting guys in. There really isn't that many games that are blowouts. You know, it happens every once in awhile but more often than not it's 3 2 games,4 3 games and every run is huge.

I just think the matchups are more important, managers may tend to go to their bullpens. I think everything is under the microscope. You know I think during the regular season, all of the home runs get on the highlights but the post season, people pay more attention to how each game is won and lost.

With Shawn Chacón starting tomorrow, can you talk about how he's fit in here and how great he's been for this ballclub in the second half of the season?

JETER: He's been huge. I think the thing with Chacón is he's not intimidated by anything. He goes right after guys. He knows how to pitch, he works quick which makes it fun for the defense, but he seems like he has all of the confidence in the world and he wants to be out there, and that's not saying he's not nervous, but he fakes it pretty good if he is.

But he goes right after guys. He throws a lot of strikes, I'm not trying to jinx him for tomorrow night but he throws a lot of strikes but that's what's made him successful is he mixes up his pitches but he has control with those pitches.

What did you do to help take the pressure off Cano, every day infielder in New York, you went through that situation yourself a few years ago or is there anything a teammate can do to lessen the pressure?

JETER: I think the thing with Robby, I remember when I came up, I came up with a team that had a lot of veterans so there was not a lot of expectations with me. I think it's the same with Robby. When he came up, we were struggling and, you know, I came up with the team from the beginning of the season.

But he has a lot of confidence. He enjoys the game. I don't really feel that we need to say much to him unless he changes that, but he always he has all of the confidence in the world. You can tell by how he's smiling in the world. When he makes mistakes he seems to forget about it and bounces back. Mistakes are going to be made, I don't care if it's your first year or your 20th year, you're going to make mistakes but he seems to bounce back from them.

You've lost some big games here in the post season the last couple of years, so what's your sense of confidence, comfort playing at home in the post season?

JETER: Well, what we've done in the past doesn't make a difference. Different team, different guys, different feel.

This year we've won some big games here but we've also won some big games on the road. I don't think this team really cares where you're playing, whether you're playing on the road or at home you have to play well. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy playing here because we have an advantage with the fans and the crowd. But even when you're on the road you have to play well. We definitely enjoy playing here. It doesn't mean you're going to be successful all the time, but we're familiar with (playing) here and we play good baseball here, and hopefully we continue in the post season but I don't think it really makes a difference where we play.

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