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10/10/05 4:06 PM ET

Chacon pregame interview

Game 4 starter talks about pitching in the postseason

It was obviously a lot of big changes for you to go from Colorado, your home state, to a losing environment and Coors Field, very difficult to pitch in Yankee Stadium here, and now a winning environment and not your home state. Which of those factors do you think was most important in helping you become the pitcher that you are now here with the Yankees?

SHAWN CHACON: I think the biggest thing was realizing that I was being put in a situation to win and knowing that I might not get an opportunity like this and just getting a chance and trying to run with it.

Coors Field, was that a factor, too?

CHACON: Yeah, obviously. I mean, you can ask anybody that's ever pitched there that they don't want to make a living there or want to try to.

I think getting out of there and having an opportunity to pitch every day in a decent environment, decent pitching environment, it helps, I'm not going to lie.

Is there any way, looking back in the spring, that you could ever imagine that you would be pitching what could be a decisive game in Yankee Stadium for the Yankees this weekend?

CHACON: No. I would never have thought that this spring, no chance. You go into the season thinking about having a good year, staying healthy all year and obviously being with the Rockies, you don't know what's going to happen.

But sitting here right now and getting a chance to pitch tomorrow, there was never a thought that that would happen for me.

Having grown up in Colorado and been drafted and playing in an organization and going through some tough times there, was there almost a feeling of graduating, coming to New York and getting out of a place you had never been for so long and maybe people had already made judgments about you with the Rockies?

CHACON: Absolutely. That was one of the biggest things I felt was good for me was that I was getting out of my home, out of the shadow of friends and family and really getting a chance to go somewhere where not only other people could see me pitch, but I could see for myself what I was capable of.

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