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10/09/05 11:58 PM ET

Mariano Rivera postgame interview

Closer discusses his performance in Game 4 win

How do you feel about the situation tomorrow going out to California?

MARIANO RIVERA: Well, we feel good. We have to go out there and do it. I feel ready and we're ready for everything.

Can you talk about what it was like, you've heard that kind of ovation before when the song comes on, but there seemed to be an extra jolt tonight; and are you available tomorrow?

RIVERA: Well, the ovation was great. In Yankee Stadium, I was expecting that today, a huge game and the fans got involved in the game. I kind of like it, I love that, because it helps us.

I'll be ready for tomorrow. Definitely be ready for tomorrow. Like I said, there's no going back, so we have to keep going.

You kind of make it look easy when you come out there in these pressurized situations like tonight, has it come to be commonplace with you, the role that you play here on the Yankees, or do you ever feel nervous or uptight about the situation?

RIVERA: Let me tell you something. It's not easy. It's not easy. But I thank God, I thank God for the strength and the power to go there and do my job. Like I said, it's not easy, but I trust my pitches and I trust my teammates behind me. So I just make my pitches and my teammates will do the job.

How impressed were you watching Chacón, given it was his first postseason start?

RIVERA: Chacón was outstanding. I really, really wanted him to win the game. Well, we wanted the win, that's most important thing, but Chacón was tremendous. And in his first time being in the playoffs, doing it in Yankee Stadium facing elimination, it was tremendous, and I'm proud of him.

If you had to, can you go two innings tomorrow night?

RIVERA: Oh, definitely, definitely. I can't stop. Like I said before, I can't stop. If I have to go two, I have to go two. That's the way it is. And tomorrow is going to be the big one, so if I have to go two, I will go two.

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