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10/04/06 12:33 AM ET

Bobby Abreu postgame transcript

Yankees outfielder discusses returning to the playoffs

Q. Bobby, some guys come to the New York Yankees, they have a hard time adjusting. Some guys never adjust. You came here, and from the first day, you seemed calm and you fit in. Why is it so smooth for you?

BOBBY ABREU: Well, I just came over here trying to help the team.

I think that the team made me feel good over here, made me feel good over here. I don't try to do too much. I just came over here and just do my job and play my game. So I guess that's why, I mean, I'm feeling good on this team.

Q. This is your first post season game in nine years. Was there ever a moment during that stretch where you wondered if you would get another one or you started getting frustrated that you had not played in October in a while?

BOBBY ABREU: Well, it was a long time I guess since '97. So I have always been waiting for this opportunity and it happened. It happened this year. I got traded here to New York and I think this is the best opportunity that I can ever have right now. This is the team, you know, always been in the playoffs.

When they threw me the chance, the opportunity to be here, I took it. I'm just happy to be in the playoffs again, and here I am.

Q. After you guys clinched the division, you had talked about how much you're looking forward to just this moment. What did that feel like just being out there for the first time in this game?

BOBBY ABREU: It's exciting. I mean, after we clinched in Toronto, I was so happy, going to October, happy I'm just going to play in October. I came here in New York and played my first game in the post season, it's amazing. I mean, I think the fans over here help you to get excited. The team, your teammates, they are a great organization. So playing for a team like the New York Yankees is exciting. It's a very powerful name and you have to do whatever you have to do just to represent that. And being here in the playoffs, it's amazing, especially after a long time and now to come over here, especially with the Yankees.

Q. You've probably seen Derek Jeter have playoff games on TV before. What was that like to see that live tonight, what he can do?

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BOBBY ABREU: I've seen it on TV; that guy is amazing.

Right now, being behind him, watching him play, it's amazing. That guy, he's a gamer, he's a leader, and you can learn a lot of things from him.

Like I say, it's amazing. That's amazing, watching him play.

Q. Can you just take us through the at-bat in the third?

BOBBY ABREU: In the third, well, he was throwing me a lot of sinkers, and that pitch, it was a slider. He just left it up a little bit. I was just trying to put the ball in play. We had just run and there was no outs, so all you want to do is just hit a ground ball to second, I was trying to do that and elevate the ball a little bit and knock the two runs in. So that was a pretty good thing.

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