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10/07/07 11:34 PM ET

Wang postgame interview

Yankees' Game 4 starter addresses the media

I was just going to ask, coming back on short rest, how much you think that might affect you? I think you haven't done that before, is it going to be an issue or do you feel just as good on short rest?

CHIEN MING WANG: I feel fine. No sore, my arm feel good, no problem.

I'd like to know, are you the one who told Torre that you want to pitch Game 4? That's my first question. And now, it appears that you get your wish come true. So how are you going to prepare? Because I think there's a lot of pressure on you tomorrow.

CHIEN MING WANG: Try don't think too much.

And the last time I faced Cleveland the ball was up, and tomorrow I'll try to get the ball down.

Do you feel more pressure after struggling in Game 1?

CHIEN MING WANG: Try don't worry about that.

Try pitching in next game, and keep the team winning.

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