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07/12/08 9:03 PM ET

Murcer remembered around MLB

The passing of Bobby Murcer, former Major League great and longtime Yankees announcer, brought forth an outpouring of reaction from around baseball. With the help of the Yankees, here are some of those comments about Murcer, who died at age 62 on Saturday:

Commissioner of Major League Baseball
"All of Major League Baseball is saddened today by the passing of Bobby Murcer, particularly on the eve of this historic All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium, a place he called home for so many years. Bobby was a gentleman, a great ambassador for baseball, and a true leader both on and off the field. He was a man of great heart and compassion and made many wonderful contributions to the Baseball Assistance Team and to the game. All of us in baseball will miss him. We pass on our sympathies and condolences to his family and to his many friends."

Chairperson, Yankees
"Bobby Murcer was a born Yankee, a great guy, very well-liked and a true friend of mine. I extend my deepest sympathies to his wife Kay, their children and grandchildren. I will really miss the guy."

Yankees player (1996-99) and current Yankees manager
"He was a great Yankee, but more importantly, he was a great friend to all of us. He always put others first, he cared about the game, and he cared whether we won or lost every day. He wore his emotions on his sleeve whether he was in the booth or as a player, and he played the game the right way. Bobby was the type of man that, I believe, got what life was about -- trying to make life better for people around him. As a kid, I used to watch Bobby Murcer, and he was one of my heroes."

Former Yankees manager, current Dodgers manager
"It's very sad. Obviously, I didn't get to know him until I got to the Yankees. You're talking about somebody loyal to George Steinbrenner. He was a good human being. He was a lot of fun to be around, he had a lot of class. He's going to be missed. He had the tag, supposed to follow Mantle. He wore the mantle with a lot of class. He understood the pressure that came with it. It's not easy. He never shied away from the responsibility of playing for the Yankees organization, with the high expectations.

"Having had cancer myself, it scares the [heck] out of you. Knowing where we are in research and finding a cure and the ability to live longer, you hope for the best. You always hold out hope you can live longer. He seemed to be doing well, then he had a setback."

Bobby Murcer, 1946-2008

Former Yankees teammate, current Cubs manager
"It's a sad day. Just a wonderful person, a great teammate and a heck of a baseball player. Kay and Bobby were good friends. I was informed about this about five minutes ago, and I knew that he was struggling. But, boy, you just don't think these sort of things happen, but they do. They happen frequently. My thoughts and Anita's thoughts are with Kay and his kids. We'll find out about the arrangements so that Anita and I can go be there. It's just a terrible, terrible day.

"I remember when we went to Thurman's funeral, and that night Bobby hit that home run into the upper deck to win a baseball game. I was so happy. A lot of good memories, a lot of good memories. You hate to see this happen to good people. I know that Kay is a strong girl, but this has really got to be tough on her and the kids. I've got his book here right behind me, I started to read it. I thought he was getting better and I know the past week or 10 days, he's been struggling. It's a shame, what can I say? We're thinking about him."

Former Yankees teammate
"If there's a Hall of Fame for people, he's in it. He enjoyed life, his family and people. He was such a good person, and he was appreciative of the people who cared so much for him."

Former Yankees teammate
"He was an awesome person. His values and the way he lived his life were tremendous. He was a gentleman, a class act and friendly to everyone. He was the model of how we should all be."

Former Yankees 1B and coach
"Bobby is so special to me. I feel like he and I are connected. He's the one that stepped down so graciously to give me my opportunity with the club. Anytime I think of the Yankees, and it's often, I think of Bobby. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to know Bobby, and he's a special person. He's been a great joy in my life."

Former Yankees pitcher, now with the Cubs
"He was a good baseball man. He was respected and professional. Many people are going to miss him."

Former Yankees teammate and coach
"The loss of Bobby is a major blow to those of us who played alongside him and considered him a friend. He was a special person, and I'll always treasure the time I spent with him. He and Kay were classy people, and our families have bonded throughout the years."

Former Yankees teammate, executive
"For me, Bobby was the ultimate Yankee, a great player and a great friend. He was my locker neighbor for three years and we talked about anything and everything. The Yankees family is going to miss him."

Former Yankees coach
"Bobby was a Yankee in every sense, a true Yankee. A class act. He was the type of person that was loved by everybody. He battled this thing and never gave up. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family."

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