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06/30/09 4:03 PM ET

Teixeira holds online chat with fans

Slugger discusses Yankee Stadium, Mo's 500th and more

Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira interacted with fans during a live Web chat Tuesday. He answered questions about the state of the Yankees, Yankee Stadium, the 2009 All-Star Game and Mariano Rivera's recent milestone.

Mark Teixeira: Hey fans! Thanks for joining me today ... let's get started.

KidFromNewYork: When you were a kid, who was your favorite player?

Teixeira: Don Mattingly. I always wore No. 23 when I was a kid. I just loved the way he played the game.

ChipaJ10fosho: What is your favorite hitting drill?

Teixeira: I love hitting off the tee. It keeps my swing short and I can do it as much as I need to.

guiloks: What tips would you give young baseball players?

Teixeira: I would encourage kids to play other sports to develop their athletic ability. Then concentrate on baseball when you get to high school or college.

brave_chop: Do you like playing golf?

Teixeira: I like playing golf in the offseason and every now and then during an off-day during the season.

bamify: How do you feel about Mariano's 500th?

Teixeira: I think he's the greatest closer of all time. It was great to be a part of that milestone.

9yankees9_2: What is your favorite pitch to hit?

Teixeira: An 86-mph fastball right down the middle!

161stnrivr: Teix -- Noticed you used two different bats at the plate, is this true and why?

Teixeira: I use two different bats because they feel a little different and sometimes I like to switch it up.

redsfan110: Are you a natural right-handed or left-handed hitter?

Teixeira: I'm a natural right-handed batter. I started switch-hitting when I was 13 years old.

asjhfkjf: What's the coolest thing about the new clubhouse?

Teixeira: It's so big that you have plenty of space to get ready for a game. They really took care of us.

Jrock528: Mark, what do you eat before a game?

Teixeira: I like to eat light. Usually a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a banana.

zack9inmd: What does it feel like to hit a home run?

Teixeira: There's not a better feeling in sports.

56games: Do you ever play video games with the guys after games or on off-days?

Teixeira: I'm not into video games, but I did play them when I was a kid.

yankeesgirl33: What's been the most fun you've had in 2009?

Teixeira: Definitely had to be our nine-game winning streak. It's always more fun when you're winning.

thesven55: If you could play any other position on the field what would it be?

Teixeira: I'd like to be fast and play center field.

aschne5971: Hey Mark! How do you like the city of NY so far? How have you been spending your off-days (even though there haven't been many!)?

Teixeira: I've always loved New York and I like it even more now that I'm a Yankee.

pvislocky: How much influence did the New Yankee Stadium have on your decision to become a Yankee?

Teixeira: It definitely helped because I knew Yankee Stadium would be the best sports venue in the world.

thesven55: Who is the toughest pitcher you ever faced?

Teixeira: That would be Mariano Rivera. I'm glad I'm on his team now.

CameronZ123: Mr. Teixeira, How did you feel when you won your first Gold Glove Award?

Teixeira: I was very honored because I take a lot of pride in my defense.

Teixeira: I have time for a couple more ... have to go get ready for tonight's game.

chrissynyy: What do you like to do in the offseason?

Teixeira: I like to catch up on my rest and spend a ton of time with my family.

brave_chop: What is your favorite food?

Teixeira: I like all foods, but if I had to choose one, it would have to be Italian.

howoong: I am a huge fan, Tex! hope we go back to the playoffs!! How was your experience this year playing in the Subway Series?

Teixeira: The Subway Series was a lot of fun. All the New York fans got to watch their teams battle it out.

Teixeira: Thanks fans. I appreciate you all taking the time to join me today. Remember to vote online for myself and my Yankees teammates for the 2009 All-Star team.

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