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07/27/09 12:24 PM ET

Chat: Mr. October fields fan questions

Reggie Jackson chats about favorite teammates and more

thesven55: What is your favorite moment of your career?

Reggie_Jackson: It would have to be a toss up between the three home runs I hit in the World Series and the culmination of getting into the Hall of Fame. I liked what Rickey said yesterday, you're not playing anymore, but your participation in the game is still active if you're a Hall of Famer.

thesven55: Who is the toughest pitcher you ever faced?

Reggie_Jackson: I am not really sure. There are too many great pitchers. When a great pitcher is on. It's on. He's the toughest pitcher at that time. I faced Carlton, Seaver, Lolich and many more. Scott McGreggor was extremely tough for me. I struck out many times one season, then hit two or three home runs off him the next season. You catch some of the great ones at certain times and they are the toughest at that time. Solving those guys was extremely difficult.

mlbrian2: What old stadium memorabilia have you purchased? Any memories associated with it?

Reggie_Jackson: I bought the Yankee Stadium letters atop the Stadium. I also got my locker, 30 sets of seats and I'm trying to acquire some of the bench rows from the bleachers to turn them into a picnic area at my house. I'm looking forward to bidding on the bullpen phone in the next auction. I'd like to install it in my house. I'm also discussing acquiring the center field black where I hit my third home run in the World Series. I know Steiner Sports is looking into making some pieces available to fans.

25yanks52: Mr. Jackson, as a Hall of Famer yourself, do you feel that somebody is not in the Hall of Fame that deserves to be and is eligible?

Reggie_Jackson: I think Lee Smith should be in the Hall of Fame. I think they've been a lax letting people in the Hall lately. I know myself and a few others feel Bert Blyleven should be in as well. There are a couple other guys like Jim Kaat and Tommy John that are very close. They've let some guys in that were on the border and there's other guys like those I just mentioned, that should be let in as well. The important thing is to maintain the integrity of the Hall of Fame. The player's level of acceptance is higher than it's ever been.

mellyman: Do you play any sports other than baseball?

Reggie_Jackson: I played baseball, basketball, football and ran track.

thesven55: Who do you think in the MLB today plays most like you did?

Reggie_Jackson: Selfishly, I'd like to compare myself to Derek Jeter. There's a lot of guys with great numbers, but he stands out because he's won. As a hitter, he's a great clutch performer. As a defender, he's a great clutch defender and outstanding fielder. He's the guy you would want in any big game. He hasn't led the league in any category on a regular basis, but for a time period he was the best player in the game. I'd like to think of myself like him. I was there when it counted and performed when the heat was on.

02djeter02: Which player did you enjoy playing baseball with the most?

Reggie_Jackson: The list is pretty extensive. I played with Jim Palmer, Brooks Robinson, Tommy John ... and played with Catfish Hunter more than anybody. I certainly enjoyed playing with Graig Nettles. He was so smooth. I never saw him make an error. I also enjoyed playing with Yankees like Mickey Rivers and Thurman Munson. I had a great relationship with Lee May. I could get on base and within two to three pitches I could be on second base for him.

redsoxsuck4life88: What is your favorite part of the new stadium?

Reggie_Jackson: I think the workout room is great. i really like what they did with Mr. Steinbrenner's suite as well. Because they made it Suite #44! I miss the old Stadium though. The center field black was the greatest. They moved the fences in so much while I was there. It was a big man's ballpark before they moved the fences way in. Ok fans...I have time for two more questions...

bridogpec: Out of the many things you have autographed, which item has been the most oddest signing?

Reggie_Jackson: As funny as it sounds...a woman's pair of underwear. One time, Brandon Steiner asked me to sign a ball with all of my stats on it. That was probably the most unique item I signed.

AlexCoast2CoastBball: What was your pregame ritual like?

Reggie_Jackson: I liked to get dressed at my locker by myself. I wore basically the same shirt every day that had been cleaned. I was the guy who hit last in batting practice during my entire career. I didn't use other people's bats. I never used a weighted bat. I wanted to have the same feel each time. I didn't want pine tar all over my helmet or bat. Thank fans. That was great!

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