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10/08/09 12:30 AM EST

Q&A with Nick Swisher

Yanks outfielder contributes RBI in fourth inning of Game 1

NEW YORK -- With his boisterous, relentlessly positive attitude and eclectic musical taste, Nick Swisher has stepped in to become an instant fan favorite in his first season with the Yankees.

Taking over as the club's starting right fielder in April, Swisher fit right into the potent lineup, bringing a patient switch-hitting approach that saw him become one of five Yankees players to belt 25 or more home runs while driving in 82 runs for the American League East champions.

Throughout the 2009 postseason, Swisher will take part in a Q&A with MLB.com, sharing his thoughts after every game. On Wednesday, Swisher gave his thoughts after the Yankees' Game 1 victory over the Twins in the American League Division Series.

MLB.com: You were pumping your fist a lot at second base after your fourth-inning double to give the Yankees a 3-2 lead. How would you describe the emotions you were feeling there?

Swisher: You can't describe it. At that point in time, to have a guy like Robbie Cano on first base to have the speed to get around to score on that, obviously I was just happy that I kept it fair, you know? He ended up scoring a run and I thought it was just great. We took the lead and kind of never looked back from there. It was just amazing. I felt like I was almost floating a little bit. It was so loud, and you know me, I'm an emotional guy. When something like that comes up, I'm going to get pretty emotional about it.

MLB.com: Standing out there in right field in the top of the first inning, and hearing the Bleacher Creatures do their thing, how did this building compare to what you thought it would be like for the playoffs?

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Swisher: I think we've had some big games here with Boston and this and that, but this playoff thing is like nothing else, there's no doubt about it. The biggest thing is trying to keep your adrenaline level down, but the Creatures out there -- man, they make this place a lot of fun to play in.

MLB.com: This place got really loud when you made that throw to the plate in the seventh inning to save a run. What was it like playing behind CC Sabathia tonight?

Swisher: He was absolutely tremendous. When you've got a guy like that out there busting your tail for you on the mound, you want to do all you can to help him out as well. I was just happy to make a good throw right there and keep the run from scoring. It was just a great win in general.

MLB.com: You got big hits from a lot of the usual suspects and a strong pitching performance tonight. All around, did this feel like the kind of win that the Yankees have had all year?

Swisher: I don't know, but I think this one means a lot more. It's not a regular-season win. It's a postseason win. I think that means a lot more. We're just going to keep going about our business the same way, come in here tomorrow, get our workouts in at 1 o'clock. Keep the same rhythm, keep the same mentality. We'll be back ready to play on Friday.

MLB.com: Was there anything at all that surprised you about tonight?

Swisher: No. It was almost everything you expected. I think it's just the postseason in New York. That's the best.

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