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11/03/09 2:28 AM EST

Q&A with Nick Swisher

Outfielder tips his hat following Game 5 loss to Phillies

PHILADELPHIA -- Taking over as the Yankees' starting right fielder in April, Nick Swisher fit right into the potent lineup, bringing a patient switch-hitting approach that saw him become one of five Bombers to belt 25 or more home runs while driving in 82 runs for the American League champions.

Throughout the 2009 postseason, Swisher will take part in a Q&A with MLB.com, sharing his thoughts after every game. Swisher went 0-for-3 with a walk in the Yankees' 8-6 loss to the Phillies in Game 5 of the World Series, sending the Fall Classic back to the Bronx:

MLB.com: As that ninth inning is developing, did you let it enter your mind that this could be setting up a comeback and you might be celebrating tonight?

Swisher: I think we got down early, so it was a battle for us to come back. You've got to give them credit. They swung the bats extremely well tonight off a guy who did extremely well against them the first time. You've got to tip your hat. You can't win them all, but then again, we're going back to New York, and that brings a smile to everyone's face.

MLB.com: You've seen A.J. Burnett all season long. With the stuff he has, is it surprising when he goes out and struggles like he did tonight?

Swisher: I don't know. I just think they have some guys over there that are extremely locked in. As a hitter, when you're locked in, it doesn't matter who's up there throwing. It just seems like everything is coming in like a beach ball. Regardless, A.J. didn't have his "A" stuff tonight, but that's all right. We've got each other's backs here. We almost made that a very, very, very fun game to watch. So right now, we feel good about where we are. So what? We lost. We're going to get back on that horse and be ready to go on Wednesday.

MLB.com: What do you think that bus ride to New York will be like, knowing that you came to Philadelphia and took care of business with two wins in three games on the road?

Swisher: I think a lot of guys will probably sleep. It is kind of late. But that's the great thing. You look around here and nobody has their head down, nobody is doing this or that. We've got faith in ourselves and each other. That's the best thing we can have.

MLB.com: Is part of you saying that it could be a good thing to go home to Yankee Stadium, where you guys played your best ball all year?

Swisher: You don't want to look ahead, but that ballpark has been extremely nice to us. I think the fan base has a lot to do with that. We'll go back there and get ready for Wednesday night.

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