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01/08/10 12:31 AM EST

CC, Denzel match wits on Leno

Lefty loses trivia quiz on Yanks' history to Oscar winner

NEW YORK -- Yankees ace CC Sabathia proved during the World Series that he had no issues appearing in front of a national television audience, something he had the opportunity to do again on Thursday.

Sabathia appeared as a guest on NBC's "The Jay Leno Show" at 10 p.m. ET, along with actor Denzel Washington, a self-proclaimed Yankees fan "all my life."

Leno put the "Book of Eli" star to the test in a segment with Sabathia, having the left-handed hurler battle Washington in a Yankees trivia quiz to prove his team loyalty and earn a chance to promote his new movie.

Washington easily nailed the first question, identifying Sabathia as the pitcher who won the most games (19) for the Yankees in 2009.

He also quickly buzzed in to answer that Yogi Berra once endorsed the beverage Yoo-Hoo, and before Leno could complete the next question, Washington rang in to announce the Yankees were previously known as the Highlanders.

"I've got no shot," Sabathia said, laughing.

Leno's next question concerned which Yankee was the MVP of the American League Championship Series last year.

Raising a finger, Sabathia said with a laugh, "That'd be me, Jay."

Sabathia whiffed on a multiple choice question of which Yankee struck out the most times in a single season, pointing a finger at Reggie Jackson. Washington rang in with Alfonso Soriano, the correct response (157 strikeouts in 2002).

"I know my Yankees, man," Washington said. "I know my Yankees."

Sabathia got in one final parting shot, identifying Mark Teixeira as the current Yankee who once played for Georgia Tech, the Rangers, Braves and Angels. But the final score came in as Washington 4, Sabathia 2.

"Have a good year, man," Washington told Sabathia. "See you in the spring."

Sabathia also appeared on Leno's show via satellite from New York's Rockefeller Center in November, shortly after the Yankees won the World Series.

In that segment, as part of a "10 Questions" exercise, Leno quizzed Sabathia on Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins' prediction that the Yankees would lose the World Series in five games.

"The trophy is where it belongs," Sabathia said then. "Me and Jimmy grew up together, we've known each other for a long time. But the trophy is definitely back in the right place."

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