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07/16/10 5:52 PM ET

TBS to air Seinfeld shows honoring The Boss

Art will imitate life next week, when Turner Broadcasting System will pay tribute to the memory of George Steinbrenner. TBS will show a full week of Seinfeld episodes featuring Larry David posing as the iconic owner of the Yankees, a running gag on the show that took on life-size proportions after one of the characters landed a fictional job with the team.

Steinbrenner's character on the show was almost always seen from behind, and he often engaged in long monologues on random topics. TBS will start its week of episodes -- all of which air at 7 and 7:30 p.m. on weeknights -- with "The Opposite," the fifth-season finale in which chronically underemployed George Costanza lands his dream job with the Yankees.

TBS will also show "The Secretary" on Monday, an episode in which Costanza finds out that Steinbrenner's secretary earns more money than he does. The week-long run of episodes will continue on Tuesday -- when TBS shows "The Race" and "The Wink" -- and on Wednesday, when Costanza gets deeper into Yankees lore with "The Hot Tub" and "The Caddy."

Thursday will feature "The Calzone" and "The Nap," two more episodes with a Steinbrenner theme. The week will close out on Friday, with "The Millennium" and "The Muffin Tops," the end of Costanza's run with the Yankees. In that last episode, Steinbrenner trades Costanza away in exchange for an upgrade to the team's chicken concession at Yankee Stadium.

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