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10/16/10 1:47 AM ET

ALCS Game 1 postgame interview: A-Rod

Q. Alex, how many players in baseball do you think beat out that grounder that started the rally that Gardner did and did you know something was going to happen at that point?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, we still had a four-run deficit at that point, and their pitcher was rolling. But you can't say enough about the at-bats Gardy had, and that was a huge play. And obviously that started everything.

Q. You guys have come back a lot over the years, but as you said their pitcher was rolling; how surprising was it to do this time?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I wouldn't say surprising. You still have to get 27 outs. And the sixth and ninth outs are the toughest ones; they always are. It was a good comeback. A lot of good at-bats, Swisher and Tex, two big walks and another big hit and Marcus had another big hit.

Q. Do you think the fact that the Rangers have not had any home wins in the postseason, do you think that had anything to do with maybe the breakdown starting in the eighth?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, I don't think that plays a factor for us. We really just try to race our own race and play our own game. You know, the one thing is from one at-bat, from one pitch, momentum can change, and I thought the big momentum changer for us was Gardy's slide at first base.

Q. A rough night against Wilson for you, coming up in the eighth, take us through your thought process there.

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Again, you don't concern yourself with one or two at-bats or any given play. You're looking for one or two moments to make an impact in the game, and for me, that was bases loaded, no outs. You obviously wanted to keep the line moving. We had three or four good at-bats before me, and we talked about keeping the line moving. Got a good pitch to hit, hit it hard and scored a couple runs.

Q. You guys talked all year about the grinding mentality; that you do talk about it all year, does it make it any easier to conjure up in situations like this?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I think so. Our approach never changes. Our approach as far as grinding out at-bats, trying to be aggressive in the strike zone, it's something we put into play all year long.

So today paid off.

Q. Do you believe in momentum in the playoffs?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Again, you can't get caught up in that. You know, momentum is obviously the starting pitcher the next day, and the present. I mean, that was a classic example of us having a rough start for the first six innings, and then one great at-bat and a great slide got us going.

Q. What gives you the confidence to swing at the first pitch on a pitcher that just comes in and not just because of the three at-bats before, but just that isolated incident.

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Again, you don't worry about what's happened before and you don't worry about what's going to happen. That's a hitter's dream; bases loaded, no outs and nowhere to put you. I felt if I could just get a good pitch to hit, just hit it hard somewhere.

Q. Do you ever get a feeling like it's just not going to happen, or do you not allow yourself to think that way as a team?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: You know, you can't. Again, they have got to get 27 outs. And until that last out is recorded, we have the utmost belief that we are going to win every game.

And you know, the one thing about momentum is, your last at bat does carry onto the next day, and you don't want to give anything away at this time of year.

ALCS Game 1 postgame interview: Girardi

Q. Joe, what do you think CC's problem was tonight? Was it the long layoff or just not sharp or what?

JOE GIRARDI: You know, you can never put your finger exactly on it, what the cause was. I think CC had 20 balls in the first inning and that's usually about six innings of work for him. He was definitely off today, but didn't give up 10 runs. He kept it to five and we were able to come back.

Q. Even for a veteran team like yours, that kind of win, what kind of rise?

JOE GIRARDI: It's a great win for our club, and you know, we get the one run on a homer by Robby in the seventh, and that big inning we have in the eighth all starts with a hustle play by Brett Gardner. We didn't do much off of C.J. Wilson and as much success as he's had off of left-handers, left-handers had most of the hits early on off him. He was very good. But we start scratching and you get a double by Jeet and guys start putting good at bats and you get the walk and double; it's a huge win.

Q. What does it say about the bullpen to come in in a situation like this, down 5-0 and completely locked it down from that point on for you?

JOE GIRARDI: We have liked our bullpen all year long. We have added Kerry Wood, who has given us a lot of depth and Boone Logan stepped up for Damaso Marte who we lost in the middle of the summer and has had a very good year for us. Our bullpen, we have some good arms down there, and guys that have some experience and know how to pitch.

Q. When you take CC out at that point, are you at all thinking down the line in this series?

JOE GIRARDI: No, not necessarily. No. I think he had 92 or 95 pitches through four. He worked extremely hard. So we thought, I had Joba up, if I needed Joba to get him out of the fourth inning and that's why I went to Joba in the fifth because he was hot; I wasn't going to sit him down and not use him. Mo did a good job, Woody did a good job, big pickoff move with Kinsler. Our bullpen was great.

Q. This would not increase the likelihood of CC starting

JOE GIRARDI: I'm worried about Game 2.

Q. Your club is making an astounding routine of the 48 comeback wins in the regular season and three already in the postseason; what does it say about the group?

JOE GIRARDI: Our guys grind out their at-bats. They put good at-bats against pitchers and we have guys that have come up against some really big hits this year during the course of the season and the postseason. Our lineup is deep, and whether we are facing a left-hander or righthander, we feel good about our lineup and the at-bats that they put on people.

You keep putting people on, you're eventually going to get some runs.

Q. When Brett dives at first like that, do you feel a little upbeat in the clubhouse?

JOE GIRARDI: No, not necessarily. As a manager, you hold your breath. Because a lot of times, that's where you see hands get hurt or shoulders get hurt diving in first base. But he felt it was the right move and it worked out well for us and Gardy always plays extremely hard and we love the way he plays the game. And Jeet scores the big double and we get some runs.

Q. I don't know if you need more confidence than you already have, but does this kind of win do something extra special for your team?

JOE GIRARDI: We have a veteran clubhouse that knows how to react to whatever situation we are in. And you know, we look forward to Game 2, and I'm sure they are, too.

But, you know, some might feel we were fortunate to come out with a win tonight, but I thought our club played hard and kept playing and playing and playing. And you try to build on it tomorrow.

Q. If you're holding your breath on Gardner's play, what were you thinking when CC made his play early in the game and how big was that for your team to cut off that run?

JOE GIRARDI: Well, that's the difference in the game maybe. It's a 6-6 game and maybe we are still playing right now and we have seen some of those here, that's for sure, some long, extra-inning games. But you worry. When it comes up and he's got dirt all over, you worry. But if there is a collision at home plate, CC is going to win most of them.

Q. Did this one surprise you?

JOE GIRARDI: I'm never surprised at what our guys -- maybe thrilled sometimes, but never surprised. Because I know the attitude in there, and they stay on each other about grinding out at-bats. That's what they talk about, and chip away.

You know, there's a talented group in there that plays the game with a lot of passion. So like I said, I'm never really surprised, but I am thrilled sometimes.

ALCS Game 1 postgame interview: Cano

Q. Robinson, as that eighth inning is unfolding, at what point did you think you would be able to come up there with the tying run or go-ahead run?

ROBINSON CANO: After we get a single -- sorry, after I hit my home run, thought we would start one here, but we came up in the eighth and scored five, and especially that guy, he was so good the first six innings.

Q. How important is it to you personally to do big things in the playoffs, because it's been kind of one of the big things that's missing from your career.

ROBINSON CANO: Well, I don't have those years in the playoffs, but I know myself and my teammates, too; everybody wants to be doing good in the playoffs. But it's always good when you have a team like that that wins the game.

Q. You guys have come back so many times, but the way those first seven innings went, was it surprising, given the way things had gone so far to that point?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, we had not seen a pitcher in five days, and especially facing a guy like Wilson, he's just great the whole season, especially the way that he pitched against Tampa and against us today. Those are the kind of things -- but we never have no doubt in our team. We always say that they have to make 27 outs.

Q. Have you always been this comfortable against lefties?

ROBINSON CANO: I would say, you know, it's not that I don't feel comfortable against lefties. Sometimes you're going to face tough situations when you go through your career. You're not going to be so successful against lefties.

I would say this is a year I've been -- everything's been together against lefties and righties.

Q. Can you just -- the at-bat, you seemed like a sideline to Rapada, what are you thinking when he's coming in and what do you try to do in that at bat?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, I'm not trying to do too much. I'm trying to get a pitch that I can drive to tie the ballgame. Good thing he threw me a fastball on the first pitch.

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