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Team effort keeps Yankees rolling

Mark Teixeira homered and Nick Swisher collected a pair of hits and scored the first run, helping Javier Vazquez -- backed by beautiful defense all night -- earn his second win this year against the A's.


MLB GAME PULSE: Charting the game's top moments with highlights and tweets
Gardner, LF4000002.314
Jeter, SS4010000.281
Teixeira, 1B4111011.243
Rodriguez, A, 3B4000011.272
Cano, 2B4010011.342
Swisher, DH4120001.296
Granderson, CF3111112.228
Cervelli, C4011012.271
Curtis, RF4010012.286
Crisp, CF3001011.283
Barton, 1B4000021.283
Sweeney, R, RF4000000.294
Suzuki, K, C4010000.252
Cust, DH3000101.300
Kouzmanoff, 3B3010001.266
Gross, LF3000003.255
Ellis, M, 2B2000100.285
Pennington, SS3110011.263
2B: Swisher (17, Sheets).
3B: Granderson (4, Sheets).
HR: Teixeira (14, 6th inning off Sheets, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: Cano; Teixeira 4; Jeter; Cervelli; Curtis; Swisher 3; Granderson 3.
RBI: Granderson (23), Cervelli (30), Teixeira (54).
2-out RBI: Granderson; Cervelli.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Gardner.
Team RISP: 2-for-3.
Team LOB: 6.

3B: Pennington (5, Vazquez).
TB: Suzuki, K; Kouzmanoff; Pennington 3.
RBI: Crisp (11).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Gross 2.
SF: Crisp.
Team RISP: 0-for-2.
Team LOB: 4.

Vazquez(W, 7-7)7.03112204.81
Chamberlain(H, 17)1.00000205.09
Rivera(S, 19)1.00000001.08
Sheets(L, 3-8)7.18330414.89
Game Scores: Vazquez 67, Sheets 54.
WP: Sheets.
Pitches-strikes: Vazquez 110-72, Chamberlain 11-7, Rivera 10-6, Sheets 109-71, Wuertz 8-7, Bowers 17-10.
Groundouts-flyouts: Vazquez 9-5, Chamberlain 0-0, Rivera 1-2, Sheets 8-5, Wuertz 0-1, Bowers 0-1.
Batters faced: Vazquez 26, Chamberlain 3, Rivera 3, Sheets 30, Wuertz 2, Bowers 4.
Inherited runners-scored: Wuertz 1-0.
Umpires: HP: Hunter Wendelstedt. 1B: Mike Winters. 2B: Jerry Layne. 3B: Brian Runge.
Weather: 58 degrees, partly cloudy.
Wind: 13 mph, L to R.
T: 2:35.
Att: 27,405.
Venue: Coliseum.
July 5, 2010
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media