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Hall of Fame and Museum

Mets Hall of Fame & Museum
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The Mets Hall of Fame & Museum is located adjacent to the Jackie Robinson Rotunda on the first base side, and is a spectacular attraction for all generations of Mets fans. The 3,700 square foot space features artifacts from special Mets moments, interactive kiosks that allow fans to scroll through memory lane, and highlight videos celebrating the Mets biggest feats.

Visit the Mets Hall of Fame & Museum on game days to see the 1969 and 1986 World Series trophies and plaques for each member of the Mets Hall of Fame.

  • General Information

    Dates/Time: Opens for all home games at Citi Field when gates open and remains open until the end of the game. All fans with a ticket to the game have access to the Mets Hall of Fame & Museum.

    Tours: The Mets Hall of Fame & Museum is not open on non-game days. Stayed tuned for more information regarding Citi Field Tours. Access on non-gamedays is only available through the purchase of the Citi Field tour.