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All-Star FanFest Video
Video Highlights
MIDDAY takes FanFest tour   350K
All-Star FanFest Photos
Photo Gallery
2007 DHL All-Star FanFest photo gallery. Gallery

For information on the sponsorship and hospitality programs that exist, email us at

Due to an overwhelming response the 2008 All-Star Week Volunteer registration is now closed. Major League Baseball and the New York Yankees thank you for your support!

If you have questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions and Volunteer Guidelines section.

2008 DHL All-Star FanFest Ticket Prices
Children (2 - 12)$25.00
Seniors (65 and over)$25.00
College & Military$25.00
Children (under 2)Free
2008 DHL All-Star FanFest Family Packs
Four Pack - (2) Adult, (2) Youth$90.00
Five Pack - (2) Adult, (3) Youth$110.00
Six Pack - (2) Adult, (4) Youth$130.00
Seven Pack - (2) Adult, (5) Youth$150.00

The DHL All-Star FanFest ® interactive baseball spectacular is the largest baseball event in the world. It provides baseball fans of all ages the once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the fun and excitement of the Major League Baseball Midsummer Classic.
*All attractions are subject to change

Get into the Action and Test your Skills and Abilities
  FanFest Challenge   FanFest Fielding Practice
FanFest Challenge Test your baseball knowledge against other fans and join in the fun of this baseball trivia challenge. FanFest Fielding Practice Grab a glove and get ready to shag balls in the outfield.
*DHL Express Lane attraction
  Home Run Derby ®
Home Run Derby Ever dreamed of hitting one out of the park? Here's your chance to step up to the plate and hit a home run.
*DHL Express Lane attraction
  Steal Home Challenge   FanFest® Batting Practice
Steal Home ChallengeTest your speed and compete against other fans in this race to home plate. The classic 90-foot span from third base to home plate is your chance to experience one of the most exhilarating plays in baseball.
*DHL Express Lane attraction
FanFest® Batting PracticeTest your hitting ability at these state-of-the-art batting cages. *DHL Express Lane attraction
  Rookie League®   The Diamond
Rookie LeagueYoungsters can practice at the batting tees and baseball targets, and play video games, puzzles, radio controlled cars, and blocks. The DiamondLearn the secrets of hitting, pitching, fielding and base running on The Diamond. Coaches, managers, baseball legends and current stars of the game bring their baseball expertise to this authentic baseball diamond, sharing their insider tips in baseball seminars and hands-on clinics.
  FanFest® Cyber Ballpark   FanFest® Bullpen
FanFest® Cyber BallparkTest your skills at the latest Major League Baseball video and computer games. FanFest® BullpenStep up and test your pitching skills against life-size video images of your favorite MLB sluggers.
*DHL Express Lane attraction
  You Call the Play   Video Batting Cages
Fantasy BroadcastDreams come true as you sit at the microphone and record your own play-by-play of a famous baseball moment - and you get to take home a recording of it.
*DHL Express Lane attraction
Video Batting CagesSlug away at baseballs pitched by life-sized video images of your favorite MLB players.
*DHL Express Lane attraction

Capture the Moment with these Photo Opportunities
  The World's Largest Baseball
World's Largest Baseball Come take a photo with the World's Largest Baseball signed by Ted Williams, Hank Aaron and more!
  Game Saving Catch   Cover Photo   FanFest Baseball Cards
Recreate your favorite over the wall catch and take home your very own photo of the winning catch.
*DHL Express Lane attraction

Game Saving Catch
Fulfill your Major League Baseball fantasy by getting a personalized cover of Sports Weekly. *DHL Express Lane attraction
Cover Photo
Make your very own personalized baseball card.
*DHL Express Lane attraction

FanFest Baseball Cards
  FanFest Photos   Major League Baseball®   Newsstand
FanFest Photos Pose as a Major Leaguer in our cutouts. Major League Baseball®Take your picture with the World Series ® trophy when you check out all of the official awards and trophies of MLB. visit our official website -, and see the World of Baseball. Newsstand Have your photo on the cover of your hometown newspaper.
*DHL Express Lane attraction

Bring Home a Souvenir
  Major League Baseball® Legends   Collectors Showcase
Major League Baseball® LegendsOne of many highlights of the show - FREE autographs from some baseball legends and members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Click here for a list of Legends scheduled to appear » Collectors ShowcaseStrike a deal with fellow purveyors of baseball cards and memorabilia at the Collectors Showcase. Fans will be able to buy, sell and trade baseball collectibles and memorabilia.
  Major League Baseball ® Clubhouse Store   FanFest Auction
Major League Baseball Clubhouse StorePurchase unique
2008 All-Star Game souvenirs while supplies last.
FanFest AuctionBid on limited-edition authentic baseball memorabilia in a silent auction throughout the event or during the Live Auction (Time and date TBD).
  All-Star Bazaar
All-Star BazaarCollect free giveaways from sponsors of the DHL All-Star FanFest. Sign up at several locations for your official Bank of America Major League Baseball MasterCard card and receive a complimentary gift.
  Women on the Diamond
All-Star BazaarMeet and collect autographs from women who have played in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League and current National Pro Fastpitch players.

Learn more about our National Pastime
  National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum ®   Hometown Heroes   All-Star Clubhouse
National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum®The history of America’s National Pastime unfolds through an unforgettable collection of Hall of Fame artifacts and photographs. Visit the tribute to New York baseball. A must-see for Yankees ™ fans.
Hometown Heroes
All-Star ClubhouseEnter this clubhouse and feel like a Major Leaguer. Each locker is a replica of a current All-Star's locker.
  Making of the Game   All-Star Dugout
Making of the GameAs time-honored as the players themselves are their tools. See demonstrations of how authentic Major League gear is designed and crafted. All-Star DugoutCome see a replica of a professional dugout, complete with authentic Major League Baseball equipment.
  Negro Leagues   Minor League Baseball
Take a compelling visual journey back in time as this exhibit brings to life the heroic history of some of the game's proudest and most talented players.
Negro Leagues
Take a look at the caps from all 160 Minor League Baseball clubs on the gigantic cap wall and purchase your favorite Minor League merchandise.
Minor League Baseball

See what our Sponsors have to offer
  Chevrolet Pavilion
Chevrolet Pavilion Go ahead, kick a tire or two. You will love the lineup of Chevy vehicles on display.
  XM Lounge   7th Inning Stretch Lounge
XM Satellite Radio Lounge Relax and listen to XM's lineup of coast-to-coast sports programming. You'll hear sports news, sports talk, and live events including Major League Baseball ® coverage, plus interviews, commentary and analysis. 7th Inning Stretch Lounge While your children are playing in Rookie League, take a break, enjoy a Baby Ruth bar and relax. Watch some MLB highlights or visit the recording studio!
  Live Radio 1 & 2
Local News Desk Stop by to watch live broadcasts and meet on-air celebrities.

DHL Express Lane
  DHL Express Lane
DHL Express Lane Fans! Don't wait in line at the interactive DHL All-Star FanFest® attractions. The DHL Express Lane is back! Like DHL Express Delivery, you can quickly get to your destination using DHL Express Lane Tickets and Bracelets. Click here for more information »

Ballpark Foods
  Extra Innings, Home Plate and Outfield Foods
Ballpark Foods Enjoy a sizzling hot dog, hot pretzel or cold Pepsi as you take in the sights and sounds of the DHL All-Star FanFest.

2008 Major League Baseball All-Star Summer Tickets

Existing Full Season, A Plan and B Plan Ticket Licensees (2007 season and prior):
MLB and the Yankees will use commercially reasonable business efforts to offer Full Season, A Plan and B Plan Ticket Licensees the opportunity to purchase a license, for Tickets, equal to the quantity of Ticket(s) in said Ticket Licensee's Ticket Account, not necessarily in the same seat locations (subject to availability), for the All-Star events scheduled to be held at the Stadium. All-Star events consist of the following: the DHL All-Star FanFest (to be held at the Jacob K. Javits Center), the Taco Bell All-Star Sunday, (featuring the XM All-Star Futures Game and the Taco Bell Legends & Celebrity Softball Game, the Gatorade Workout Day (featuring the State Farm Home Run Derby) and the 79th MLB All-Star Game.

DHL All-Star FanFest Tickets:
All Ticket Licensees, regardless of plan type, must purchase a strip or strips of Tickets for all MLB All-Star events to be held at the Stadium (i.e. the same seat location and the same quantity of strips for all All-Star events) and each strip will include 2 DHL FanFest Tickets. For example, if you purchase two (2) All-Star events strips of Tickets, you will also purchase four (4) FanFest Tickets. There is no exceptions to this policy.

Existing C - I Plan, 20-Game Flex Plan, new 2008 Full Season, A Plan & B Plan Ticket Licensees:
MLB and the Yankees will use commercially reasonable business efforts to offer C Plan through I Plan, the 20-Game Flex Plan and new 2008 Full Season, A Plan and B Plan Ticket Licensees the opportunity to purchase (the "All-Star Pre-On-Sale"), on-line via and subject to availability (as determined by MLB and the Yankees, from time to time) All-Star Tickets prior to any scheduled All-Star Ticket On-Sale to the general public. The following maximum quantity of Tickets, per Ticket License Account, can be purchased, subject to availability, during the All-Star Pre-On-Sale:
  • Ten (10) Tickets to the Taco Bell All-Star Sunday;
  • Two (2) Tickets to the Gatorade Workout Day (featuring the State Farm Home Run Derby); and
  • Two (2) Tickets to the 79th MLB All-Star Game

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