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Season Ticket Licensee of the Month

Every season, the Yankees recognize Season Ticket Licensees for their loyalty and support. The Yankees would like to congratulate the May Season Ticket Licensee of the Month, Dawn Connolly.

STL of the Month

Yonkers, New York.

Season Ticket Seat Location:

Section 203, Row 3, Seats 17-18.

Season Ticket Plan:

20-Game Plan.

Years as a Season Ticket Licensee:

13 Years

Favorite Current Player:

Brett Gardner.

Favorite All-Time Player:

Don Mattingly.

Favorite Yankee Stadium Concession:

Philly cheesesteak.

Favorite Yankees Memory:

Derek Jeter's last home game, when he had the game-winning hit. It was an amazing night!

Hidden Yankee Stadium Gem:

Not so hidden, but I love Monument Park!

Best Part of Being a Season Ticket Licensee:

I share my package with my best friend of 35-plus years, Karen. Knowing we get to hang out and catch up all season long while rooting on the Yankees is the best part of being a Season Ticket Licensee.

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