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Season Ticket Licensee of the Month

Every month, the Yankees recognize Season Ticket Licensees for their loyalty and support. The Yankees would like to congratulate the September Season Ticket Licensee of the Month, Steve Lo Iacono.

Steve Lo Iacono

Lodi, New Jersey

Season Ticket Seat Location:

Section 126

Season Ticket Plan:

Full Season

Yankees Season Ticket Licensee Since:


Favorite Current Player:

Derek Jeter

Favorite All-Time Player:

Mickey Mantle

Favorite Yankee Stadium Concession:

Hot dog (of course)

Favorite Yankees Memory:

Being part of Mickey Mantle Day in 1969 and having the banner created by me, my future wife and my friends recognized in the New York Daily News. It simply read, "We will always remember."

Hidden Yankee Stadium Gem:

The courtesy extended by all employees at Yankee Stadium. It is not really hidden, but it is not spoken of often enough. It is outstanding and an important part of the Yankee Stadium experience.

Best Part of Being a Season Ticket Licensee:

Having the opportunity to be present and part of so many big Yankees games and doing so in a great seat location that is always available, especially in postseason games.

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