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MLBPA Contact Information

(212) 826-0808
(212) 826-0809 (licensing)

(212) 752-4378

Major League Baseball Players Association
12 East 49th St.
24th Floor
New York, NY 10017


MLBPA Staff Directory
Cindy Abercrombie Contract Administrator
Michael Amin Category Director, Interactive Media
Tim Anziano Licensing Manager, Hard Goods
Leonor Barua Associate Director, Player Services
Jackie Bartolomeo Program Coordinator, Players Trust
Bobby Bonilla Special Assistant, Player Services
Greg Bouris Director of Communications
Phil Bradley Special Assistant, Player Services
Hillary Caffarone Senior Program Coordinator, Players Trust
Virginia Carballo Manager, Player Services
Heather Chase Assistant General Counsel
Martha Child Chief Administrative Officer
Tony Clark Executive Director
Jennifer Cooney Accounting Assistant
Jose Cruz Jr. Special Assistant, Player Services
Chris Dahl Assistant Director, Communications
Marietta DiCamillo Chief Financial Officer
Greg Dreyfuss Staff Counsel
Robert Guerra Assistant General Counsel
Jeffrey Hammonds Special Assistant, Player Services
Rick Helling Special Assistant, Player Services
Terri Hinkley Accounting Assistant
Aisha Hope Administrative Assistant
Evan Kaplan Director, Licensing and Business Development
Yolanda Largo Accounting Assistant
Bob Lenaghan Assistant General Counsel
Melba Markowitz Administrative Assistant
Kevin McGuiness Chief Operating Officer
Blaire Mershon Executive Assistant
Omar Minaya Senior Advisor to the Executive Director
Gretchen Mueller Digital Media Coordinator
Mike Myers Special Assistant, Player Services
Matt Nussbaum Assistant General Counsel
Sharon O'Donnell Administrative Assistant
Ian Penny Senior Labor Counsel
Lisa Pepin Administrative Assistant
Melissa Persaud Director, Players Trust
Allyne Price General Manager, Player Services
David Prouty General Counsel
Eric Rivera Licensing Assistant
Rebecca Rivera Receptionist
Steve Rogers Special Assistant, Player Services
Rick Shapiro Senior Executive
Timothy Slavin Director of Business Affairs and Licensing/Senior Counsel, Business
Kevin Slowey Special Assistant
Inky Son Licensing Manager, Apparel
John Sowder Information Technology Director
Deirdre Sweeney Accounting Assistant
Javier Vazquez International Special Assistant
Dave Winfield Special Assistant
Richard White General Manager, Business Affairs, Media and International
Paul Zickler Licensing Manager, Memorabilia and Business Development