My team has been to the playoffs each year I've been in the big leagues. That's good, but it's not good enough. I'm still not satisfied.

After seven trips to the playoffs, I'm still trying to win the big one. It doesn't matter if you don't win the World Series. That is how I feel, and I think that's how a lot of other players in the game feel. We play to win championships.

It's a good time to be with the Dodgers right now. We have a good team and we want to win. The front office has done its part by putting together a good team with good players. We're in a very tight race for first place right now with San Diego and Arizona, which makes us to want to work even harder.

Being in first place is important. We know it's more important to finish on top, but a good start can help you to a strong finish. If you keep it going, a strong start is a good thing. Just because you get off to a good start, though, doesn't mean you can stop working.

When I first arrived from Atlanta, I saw that a lot of the younger guys wanted to win. We also have some older guys who have won before, so it seems like we have a good mix. The veterans show the younger players how to play and how to win.

This NL West seems to be one of the toughest divisions each year. This is my second year here and I noticed a lot of teams compete at the top of the division and it can go back and forth. It seems like the division is always close and that more than one or two teams are involved.

You look at this division and you tend to think that each team here can win 80 games. That helps make it tough and interesting.

Rafael Furcal, an All-Star in 2003, has made the playoffs every season since breaking into the Major Leagues with Atlanta in 2000. Last season, Furcal's first with Los Angeles, the Dodgers lost in a three-game Division Series to the Cardinals.