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Jim Callis is an Draft and prospect expert. He has been covering the Draft and prospects since 1988.

  • June 16 4:31 PM ET

    Freeland Headlines Annual Pretend Draft

    Beginning in 2003 at Baseball America, I’ve gone through the annual exercise of making Draft picks through the top 10 rounds. The idea is to put my reputation, if not my money, where my mouth is, because I spend so much of my time critiquing how teams do in the actual Draft. It works like this: […] More»
  • June 02 3:23 PM ET

    Updating The Draft Bonus Pools

    Widespread trading of First-Year Player Draft picks is prohibited, but clubs are allowed to swap the 12 choices awarded each year in the competitive-balance lottery. The Marlins did just that on Sunday, sending the 39th overall selection to the Pirates for Bryan Morris. The deal not only moves a premium pick from Miami to Pittsburgh, […] More»
  • April 29 7:33 PM ET

    Mike Elias Talks About The Astros’ No. 1 Pick

    When I wrote a First-Year Player Draft overview to tie in with the launch of MLBPipeline’s expansion/revision of our Draft Prospects list from 50 to 100, I spoke with Astros scouting director Mike Elias, whose club holds the No. 1 overall pick for the third straight year. In the overview, I wrote that Elias said […] More»
  • April 02 6:37 PM ET

    Draft, International Values Increase By 1.7 Percent

    The assigned values for picks in the top 10 rounds of the 2014 First-Year Player Draft and for each team’s four international slots have increased by 1.7 percent over last year’s figures, according to a document I’ve obtained. The total of the Draft bonus pools for all 30 clubs equals $205,786,400. The total of the […] More»
  • March 31 5:01 PM ET

    More On The Rockies: Johendi Jiminian

    Our month of updated Top 20 Prospects lists and state-of-the-system reports at concludes today with the Reds and Rockies. I saw plenty of interesting players when I checked out the Rockies at their Cactus League base at Salt River, and here’s one I didn’t mention in the camp report . . . Another breakout […] More»
  • March 31 4:57 PM ET

    More On The Reds: Amir Garrett

    The version of March Madness ends today with updated Top 20 Prospects lists and state-of-the-system reports for the Reds and Rockies. Here’s an interesting Reds nugget that didn’t make it into my Cactus League camp report from Goodyear . . . Three questions with Amir Garrett Garrett’s upside as an athletic 6-foot-5 left-hander who […] More»
  • March 28 5:31 PM ET

    More On The Indians: Dorssys Paulino

    The focus at today is on the Indians. I had more stuff than I could fit in my Cactus League camp report from Goodyear, so here’s one more item . . . Another breakout candidate: Dorssys Paulino After signing for $1.1 million out of the Dominican Republic in 2011, Paulino made his pro debut […] More»
  • March 27 4:07 PM ET

    More On The Diamondbacks: Braden Shipley

    The spotlight shines on the Diamondbacks system today. Here’s a bonus item that wound up on the cutting-room floor when I wrote my Cactus League camp report from Salt River . . . Three questions with Braden Shipley Scouts rated Shipley as the third-best college pitcher in the 2013 Draft, so the Diamondbacks were […] More»
  • March 26 4:11 PM ET

    Bonus Rangers Prospects: Nos. 21-25

    Our wall-to-wall Rangers coverage today at includes an updated Top 20 Prospects list. As I’ve done for all the Top 20s I’ve written, I give you the next five prospects who would have made an expanded list, plus a sleeper: 21. Marcos Diplan, rhp. One of three seven-figure international signings by the Rangers last […] More»
  • March 26 4:09 PM ET

    More On The Rangers: Alex Gonzalez

    We’re flooding with Rangers content today. Here’s another item that I couldn’t find room for in my Cactus League camp report from Surprise . . . Three questions with Alex Gonzalez Gonzalez blossomed from an 11th-round pick out of a Florida high school in 2010 to the 23rd overall selection last June after three […] More»
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