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Name Num Organization B/T Height Weight Birth Date
Bu, Tao15ChinaL/L6'0" 185lbs 01/15/1983
Chen, Junyi3ChinaL/L6'1" 165lbs 08/26/1981
Chen, Kun33ChinaR/R6'1" 190lbs 03/05/1980
Chen, Wei42ChinaR/R5'9" 163lbs
Li, Chenhao51ChinaR/R5'11" 190lbs 07/02/1977
Li, Weiliang60ChinaL/L6'2" 200lbs 09/02/1980
Liu, Kai11New York YankeesL/L6'1" 175lbs 10/11/1987
Lu, Jiangang17ChinaR/R6'1" 180lbs 02/19/1979
Sun, Guoqiang28ChinaR/R5'11" 190lbs 05/30/1971
Xia, Kangan20ChinaR/R6'4" 180lbs 07/13/1988
Zhang, Li27ChinaR/R6'4" 180lbs 02/03/1980
Zhu, Dawei62Saitama Seibu LionsR/R6'1" 185lbs 07/25/1988
Dong, Chunhua19ChinaR/R6'0" 170lbs 08/04/1990
Yang, Yang2ChinaR/R6'1" 190lbs 05/19/1986
Zhang, Zhenwang8New York YankeesR/R6'1" 170lbs 03/01/1988
Chang, Ray21Pittsburgh PiratesR/R6'1" 195lbs 08/24/1983
Chu, Fujia30ChinaL/L6'2" 185lbs 09/10/1989
Hou, Fenglian16ChinaS/R5'9" 155lbs 07/11/1980
Jia, Delong31ChinaR/R6'0" 190lbs 07/04/1985
Liu, Guangbiao10ChinaR/R5'7" 155lbs 09/05/1978
Wang, Jingchao55ChinaR/R6'1" 175lbs 07/13/1988
Zhang, Fujia65ChinaR/R5'9" 165lbs 08/15/1982
Zhang, Xiaotian7ChinaR/R5'8" 167lbs 08/26/1988
Zhang, Yufeng9ChinaR/R5'9" 160lbs 02/09/1977
Chen, Hao5ChinaL/L5'5" 141lbs 02/21/1990
Feng, Fei88ChinaR/R5'11" 170lbs 02/18/1983
Sun, Lingfeng1ChinaL/L5'9" 145lbs 08/14/1978
Wang, Chao25ChinaR/R6'2" 180lbs 03/23/1985